Canada is one of the most visited countries on this planet. Being one of the most developed and advanced countries, Canada is the biggest multicultural nation in the world with millions of people aspring to start a brand new life in Canada. Being one of the most tourist attractive places, this country boasts some unrealistic scenery that you can’t see any where in the world.  What makes the country even more special is the convenience of the transportation sector which helps in easy travelling.1111

Many people travel in the summer times to visit the great Niagara Falls. Being one so the biggest falls in the world, many people choose to stay there for atleast one or two days and visit the other attractions nearby. You can also spend the night in the casinos and going to a club. The youth visits Toronto to attend the electronic festivals to see their best disc jockeys playing their favorite tracks.

Some of the most popular places to visit Canada are:

  • CN Tower – Torontomaxresdefault
  • Banff National Park – Alberta
  • Sea to sky – British Columbia
  • Cabot Trail – Cape Beton
  • Rogers Center – Toronto
  • Niagra Falls – Niagara
  • Irish Loop – Newfoundland
  • Gjoa Haven – Nunavut

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